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Welcome to Edgeworth Public School, where we Connect, Succeed and Thrive in all that we do. Our school has a long history of providing quality education since 1891 and is committed to fostering citizens of the future in a supportive and stimulating learning environment. We service the surrounding communities of Edgeworth and Cameron Park with facilities to cater for our growing demographic.

Our school has a population of approximately 660 students with students from Preschool to Year 6. We offer large playgrounds, sporting fields, covered outdoor learning areas, creative learning spaces and gardens which provide opportunities for students to engage in a wide variety of activities to foster student wellbeing and reinforce positive connections.

Edgeworth Public School is well equipped with quality classrooms and resourced by a wireless computer network system with an extensive range of devices to support Future Focus learning, including LED interactive boards, mobile learning tools and creative engagement platforms. The school has a dedicated future-focused learning space, Aboriginal resource centre, multifunctional community hall, environmental gardens and an onsite Preschool.

Our students engage in differentiated curriculum target at their individual needs that provide them with learning opportunities which are both engaging and creative. Our school culture is strengthened through Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL), reinforcing core values of respect, responsibility and learning; it promotes innovation and individual success and celebrates achievement.

Strong local connections and involvement in a variety of networks including the Innovation, Inspiration and Learning Alliance (IILA) additionally support improved student learning outcomes. Edgeworth Public School offers extremely dedicated, professional and caring teachers who provide extensive learning and enrichment experiences. There is an emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy skills and these are integrated across Key Learning Areas. Additional opportunities include dance, drama, choir, debating, public speaking, creative arts, drumming, environmental groups and sporting opportunities.

A highly valued partnership exists between the school and its community. Parents participate in a wide variety of school activities including class activities, school sport and canteen along with genuine decision-making opportunities by being involved with the Parents & Citizens Association.

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our school community. Todd Osland

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Our Kindergarten students are provided with high quality and engaging Literacy activities that are specifically designed to challenge and support every learner. Students are exposed to a wide range of hands on, explicit and innovative literacy tasks. Through this, we support the development of phonological awareness, as well as key skills to improve reading, comprehension and writing. We provide our students with opportunities to work independently, with friends in small groups, as well as whole class structures. 

We believe that building strong Literacy foundations in Kindergarten is paramount to your child's education. Our teaching staff are dedicated to ensuring every student is supported and challenged, as well as provided with opportunities to thrive and experience success.

This year, (2022) our school embarked on the Science of Reading Journey, where our students have started to utilise decodable texts. We are really excited to see our students thrive through this way of learning. 

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Our Numeracy sessions are targeted to develop a strong understanding of numbers and Mathematical processes. Our Kinders' engage in a wide range challenging, hands on activities to foster a love for math, as well as provide students with opportunities to develop key skills in critical and creative thinking, problem solving and number sense. 
Students are encouraged to explore a variety of Mathematical concepts in real world contexts, as well as effectively communicate the strategies they use to solve problems with their peers. 
Students are provided with opportunities to deepen their understanding of Mathematical concepts through independent, small group, and whole class practices.


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) plays an integral part in our daily activities.
Students are immersed in a variety of highly engaging and higher order thinking activities that promotes skills in critical and creative thinking, problem solving, effective communication and team building.
Our students learn through a variety of future focused tools such as Ozobots, Green Screens, Break out Kits and open ended tasks. These tools not only allow our Kinder's to learn how to code, solve clues, manipulate different locks and infer the meaning of problems presented, but also allows our Kinder's to practice social skills in highly stimulating situations.
As teachers, seeing our students have those 'light bulb' moments when they have solved a problem makes these STEAM sessions extremely valuable. The skills our students' develop from these STEAM activities noticeably transfer into all other areas of their learning, which has had a significant and positive impact on how our Kinder's learn.

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This year, our school has begun training in the Berry Street Education Model, to support the wellbeing and behaviour of our students. We believe this educational process brings together the whole school community to contribute to developing a positive, safe and supportive learning culture. At Edgeworth Public School, students explicitly learn our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Learning and are encouraged to display these values both in the classroom and the playground.
Students are rewarded with Spotlight Awards and have the opportunity to receive Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for their success throughout the year. Our school mascot is named ‘Ronowldo’ and students can receive ronowldo tokens in the playground for showing our values.
We have reward days throughout the year to celebrate school targets being achieved and these have included Pyjama Days, Magic Shows, Circus shows, Water Fun sessions, Silent Discos.


At Edgeworth Public School there are numerous opportunities for students and the wider community to be involved in sustainable initiatives. As you walk around our school grounds you are surrounded by stunning native Australian flora and fauna, a new and flourishing bush-tucker garden to explore and multiple lush vegetable garden beds. We house many birds in our bird boxes, host a thriving native (stingless) bee hive and worm farm! The school grounds are equipped with water tanks to supply student toilets and hand washing, the watering of our gardens as well as solar panels to reduce our energy and water consumption.
We have a highly engaged and active Eco Warriors student team K-6 that maintains the school's vegetable gardens and promotes sustainability practices in our school.
Our School Representative Council works in conjunction with Eco Warriors and the school canteen to promote and support waste reduction within our school.
We encourage new participants: students, parents/carers and the wider community!

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We are super excited to welcome our Kindy friends to EPS in 2023! 
Any family who enrols their child before the end of Term 2 (July 1, 2022) will go in the running to receive a $50 school uniform voucher. Click on the link for further information, and access to apply online.

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Eager for Edgy will begin in Term 2, Week 5 (May 25, 2022) and is open for all students wishing to enrol in Kindergarten at our school for 2023.
Click on the link to learn more

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Eddy the Echidna is the newest member to join our Kindy transition team! A link will shortly become available with videos outlining some small things you can start to practise to get ready for big school!

link coming soon


We understand that sending your child to school can be a very exciting but sometimes daunting time for both you and your child. To support your child in making a positive transition into Kindergarten, we have provided a few tips and tricks that may help them feel prepared and ready.
Click on the link for further information.

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To further support your childs' transition to school, the creation of different social stories are underway.
Click on the link to see a snapshot of what a day at school will look like.

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At the beginning of every year, all Kindergarten students are required to undertake a Best Start Assessment. These will occur over the first three days of Term 1.
Parents will be invited to book in a date and time via our online booking platform. 
This will become available in the coming months.



We love seeing our students coming to school and wearing their Edgeworth Public School uniform with pride! Click on the link to see the full girls and boys school uniform, which can be purchased from our school uniform shop. 

Please be advised that you will need to book a time to visit our uniform shop. Visits will occur in Week 5, Term 4. A link will  become available in the coming weeks.



A parent information session will be held later this year, with dates being posted on our school Facebook site, as well as this website.
If you click on the link you will find a parent information video made last year.

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